Coastin’ through Covid Quarantine

Hello! It’s been a while. My last travel post was about London. It’s so crazy because when we were there we slowly felt the virus’ potential to spread and shutdown the world. In Jan 2020 I was hoping our president would shutdown our borders to contain the spread. I never knew that our world did not have adequate controls in place to contain a highly transmittable virus. I mean, we’ve been to the moon, created a smartphone, and we can fly in the air, right? Why couldn’t we figure this out? Anyways, the beginning of quarantine was tough for me and Adi (in admittedly a very first world perspective), as we had to cancel our trip to his bro’s wedding in Florida, and could feel the unknown number of days we’d have to withstand before we could travel again. The whole world is out there and we couldn’t go outside; it’s a difficult notion to comprehend. I’ve been referring to time and space as “pre-covid” and “post-covid,” and anything that’s not my house as “the Outside.” Such a strange time.

Well, Adi and I spent most of our nights at the beginning of quarantine making and experimenting with inventive cocktails, like rooh afza martinis, mango martinis, pistachio martinis, chocolate martinis, so many martinis!!! But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, these are difficult times, and the most important thing I’ve learned is how necessary it is to have a good support system, love, and friendships. These bonds can get you through the most difficult of times. I’m grateful to have these connections in my life. I’m glad we were able to spend as much time as we possibly could with our loved ones outdoors in the summer, and we hosted some gatherings on our patio is well.

Over the summer we were able to take some local trips around New England. Coastal trips of course, because the closer to the ocean the better! We spent a weekend at a cottage rental in Mashpee, it was so adorable and exactly what we needed to de-stress and spend some time disconnecting from work. We beach hopped, got some local seafood, went on a little cruise and outdoor dined. Some nights we just spent at the cottage and meditated (ok that was just me!). We walked around the corner of the cottage to the private beach where we hungout at night just the two of us. It was really peaceful and relaxing.

We also did a weekend away in Portsmouth, NH. We actually had never stayed there before so it was nice and different. We strolled through the cute cobblestone streets downtown, dined outdoors, relaxed near the water, rooftop dined at our hotel, and visited a garden park. I couldn’t find a nice rental in the area so we stayed at a hotel. We checked in, dropped off our bags, and left for a few hours in case there were covid particles suspended in the air or something (yes, I’m paranoid!). We also took a day trip up to Maine and dined ocean-side.

These mini trips have slightly satisfied our never-ending travel bug, but what we really want is a warm beach and turquoise waters. Counting down the unknown number of days in this black hole void and dark abyss until we can get to some Caribbean beach, any of them will do! Until then…