Feb Festivities + Quick Brunch

Happy Sunday! I’m trying to post a blog at least once a month, so I’m sneaking this in here real quick. Feb was spent celebrating A’s bday and vday as well. This year I hosted my first home birthday party, in which I did some serious #adulting. I had a few festivities in Boston, some at Mohegan Sun, and some more at our place and Boston again. We had a potluck at our place with our parents, cousin, and uncle, and hit up a fun Bollywood dance party in Boston. A is starting to get into Bollywood/bhangra music and that is really awesome for me!! Bruahh’in for days!!

As we get older, I’ve noticed that birthday parties become less about socializing and more about honoring the person’s birthday. I feel like I’d rather have people who want to show up to show up, instead of people who feel like they have to show up. This is one of my 2016 goals, and it’s going by pretty well!!! Expectations can hurt you, but if you set them loosely, it can help things move smoothly. Spending time alone has been great for me, too. It’s always nice to spend time with yourself and really listen to your mind and needs. How do you feel about alone time?

Here are some bday pics:


On Sundays we like to brunch at home.  Since I haven’t done groceries in over a week, this was an easy, quick go-to meal. The Taj Boston has a similar burger and I think this comes pretty close to it’s grandeur.

What you need:

  • Trader Joe’s masala burgers
  • pav bread (or bulkie/hamburger roll)
  • mint chutney
  • tamarind chutney

The bread and chutneys can be found at any Indian store. Luckily, the burgers are frozen, the bread has a long shelf-life, and the chutneys can stay in your fridge forever, so it really is a quick back up meal for any time of the day! Cook the burger on your stovetop for 3-5 mins on both sides, and toast the pav bread. Spread chutneys on the bread and put it all together. So easy!!! And so delish! Add some lettuce and red onion to oomph it up.

Here are some brunch pics: